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Breastfeeding Blog Hop: I Inspire, Suck That Mean People

Last week's Breastfeeding Blog Hop was on "Thing I Wish I Would Have Known before Breastfeeding."  For my post I wrote, I Wish I Would Have Known How Stupid People Could Be, not the classiest of titles but, people suck - the mean ones anyway.  Even the well meaning folks who can't help their ignorance about breast feeding can say things that just make me wonder if they don’t realize they are talking to another woman and we should be supportive; not judgmental.  

Let’s face it - unless you do it or did it you won't get it.  You won't get why, or how, or even how hard it can be but they also don't know the success that you feel.  The lovely, Mrs. Jen of Life with Levi and breastfeeding, pumping mama extraordinaire was (some how) inspired by my post for this week’s breastfeeding hop topic: Success Stories.

I feel, as she does, that any amount of time trying breastfeeding is a success.  It is a wonder why any of us even attempt it with so much negativity and bad publicity that breastfeeding gets.  Not to mention how my breasts, our breasts have become only associated with sex.   Side note:  Must read My Boobs by @LittleAnimation.

When I started my journey into motherhood, there was no way I was going to nurse.   No, no, NO!  These boobs are mine and I'm not sharing. The more my baby grew the more I knew instinctively that it was and is the most amazing thing in the world and my body was meant to nurse my baby.

In previous posts, I've written about how I could not get my son to nurse past nine months.  I don’t know if it was my body or his unwillingness to nurse any more, but at about nine months, we were done.  Most reading this may know that baby girl is 14 months and still nursing!  I'm worried she will be nine and still wanting to nurse but that is another post.  When it is all said and done nursing my kids, my babies have been a gift that I cherish and one of the proudest accomplishments that I have ever done in my life.

I have accepted that my body is more then what I thought it was and have learned to love it because of all the wonderful things it does.  My son will, hopefully, remember this time and not be embarrassed or judgmental of women who breastfeed.  Maybe he will learn that women were not placed on this earth for his pleasure.  I pray my daughter will never see herself in just one way and will be able to talk openly about her body; even *gulp* sex with me in an honest conversation.  Finally, I hope someone will meet me or read this and know that someone supports them regardless of their choice. 

I must admit though - when I'm talking to a pregnant mom and they say they won't even try, it does make me sad.  It is worth even one day to know you tried and it did not work, then to never know.

We are all successes. We are all Goddesses. We are all mothers.  And if I've meet you online or in person, breastfeeding mama or not, I am a better woman for knowing you and sharing our successes.

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