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Wordless/Wordy Wednesday: Identity Crises

Wordless/Wordy Wednesday: Identity Crises

I'm having an identity crises.  

When I first started this I wanted the name 'Hello Mommy' but someone all ready had that as their url (and it is private, boo on them!).  So, as I sat there trying to be clever, looking at the laundry and my son whining about a playdate I realized... I needed one!  So... my url was born but I kept Hello Mommy as the title.  

Then I got my first review and they referred to my blog as 'I need a playdate'.

That got me wondering... should go with that as the name?  I have been going back and forth for weeks about this and I asked the Husband.  He thought it sound like a dating service.  Actually, his imagery was much more vivid and descriptive so let's just say "dating service"  and leave it at that... sigh.

So... yesterday as I pondered the name again (because I have nothing else better to do) I played around with the design...  I need some input so if anyone reads this... please let me know what you think.  

Out with the old 'Hello Mommy' and embrace my url as 'iNeed a Playdate' or keep things the same?

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