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#Hoptoit for a Sneak Peak at Hop the Movie

I want candy...  I want candy...  I can not get this song out of my head!  Thanks to Universal Pictures, Goofy and I got a sneak peak at the new movie Hop (in theaters April 1) and I have this outrageously contagious song stuck in my head along with a ridiculous craving for a chocolate Easter bunny. 

The opening scene in Hop would be worth the price of admission alone to this movie.   The movie opens on Easter island and moves into the Easter Bunny's workshop.  To say that this movie blends state-of-the-art animation with live action seamlessly is an understatement.  I have not been this impressed with on screen animation since the ballroom scene in Beauty and the Beast but to add to that the live action... so cool.  The best part was watching the kids faces light up as they watched how the candy was made with the help of the chicks and who knew bunnies pooped jelly beans!?!

The movie is about E.B. (Russell Brand), the next in line to the Easter Bunny dynasty who has dreams of becoming a rock star and about Fred O'Hare (James Marsden), a lovable slacker who's family wants to see him succeed but are tired of supporting him.  So... E.B. heads to Hollywood and Fred heads, well, off to a job interview.  Some where in between the bunny gets hit by a car, slacker doesn't get that job, there is an impromptu sing-a-long (I want candy) and a life long dream come true.  Throw in some villains (Hank Azaria)and nay sayers and you got one funny movie with a happy ending.    Btw...  Hank Azaria is an absolute riot in his attempt to be #1 and that is all I will say on that...

All in all, I really liked the movie.  Who could not like a movie with Chelsea Handler and David Hasselhoff making appearances in addition to such a great cast.  My kindergartner also like the movie but his little friend... not so much because there are a couple of big dogs in the movie and the friend was so scared.  I brought the baby and she was shaking her booty to the music in the film and I have to say...  iTunes worthy soundtrack as well.

To recap:  The kids (even the baby) and I enjoyed the movie - from the rockin' music to the happy ending and would highly recommend at Easter time.  It put us in the mood so much so that we went and got out our Easter decorations and started painting (wooden) Easter eggs to get into the spirit!  We got four free passes to the movie from Universal Pictures via Movie Moms and we were not paid to review the movie.  These opinions are 100% mine (ours).  And now - I will wait by my door because my Malley's Easter candy order will be here soon! (just kidding... maybe)
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