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Baby is Now a Toddler!

My Bebe is now a toddler!

Her first cupcake came from the amazing @LaBellaCupcakes' bakery.  To say she loved it would be an understatement.  To say I loved it well... there are no words to describe the decadence in the these cupcakes.  They were soooo good.   

Anyway...  Jamaba Mama is on solid foods and she is even drinking *audible sigh* cow's milk at the sitters.  She won't at home though, flat out refuse to drink cow's milk at home.  I mean she will drink it, hold it in her mouth and then push it out of her mouth faster then you can say yuck or grab a towel.  I laughed the first time but when she did it again... sigh.  Gives the whole "why buy the cow" saying has a whole new meaning right now - ha!

Now, that my sweet baby is a toddler, I feel a little better admitting that I am a failure... at least my body is failing me; to be specific... the boobs.  The girls have been letting me down for weeks now.  I just don't have that need to pump at work any more.  I don't get that signal that I need to and when I do, well, it is not as much as it once was and that was a lot.  I won't tell you how much because you may be jealous but let's just say it was a lot and now that there is not enough - I am/was beside myself. 

Our pediatrician, did recommend adding cow's milk an ounce at a time a few weeks before she turned one to get her use to the other milk.   This turned out to be brilliant advice (did not do that with Goofy... Happy Birthday!  Have some milk!).  Jamba mama had two ounces mixed with 6 ounces of breast milk and puked all over the sitter's husband... still sounds funny when I see it in print.

Thankfully, I had just enough stored, that cut with milk, would reach her birthday (yesterday) and I pumped three 6 ounce bags last week to round off the supply.  I still brought my pump to work yesterday and will probably do so today.  I have been using it as a purse and what if, just what if, today is the day I will have to pump?  sigh.

At home, we are fine.  She nurses when I get home and before bed.  We co-sleep so she will nuzzle up to me during the night if she needs to do so and one more time in the morning before I have to get up to get ready for work.  I know that this will be ending - one day, in the near future.  I am a little sad at that, too.  I am comforted that she will need me for other reasons but... that bond, that connection that I share with her when nursing is an amazing feeling that no drug could replicate.  

I am not sure how I feel about deliberately weaning her from nursing in the sense that I want her off my breast.  When people ask when we will stop by reply is always when she is ready.    As far as the traditional weaning...  the girl wants food and to nurse.  My son wanted only milk.  Weaning is subjective.  Weaning also seems to mean different things to different people.  For me... it is the day before she stops nursing.  Until then... 

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