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Am I raising a chauvinist?

 I came home from work a few weeks ago and the Husband was so proud.  Goofy's kindergarten teacher pulled the Husband aside to tell him that Corey had tied his own shoes!  We were so proud!  We gushed, we praised, we wondered why he had done it for us (or since).  Hmmm... 
I found out last night... Jill does it.

We were chatting about school, how he has not really been listening in class and how he knew his teacher would probably be calling home (btw... he used way more words to tell me what I just wrote with a lot of "would you just tell me all ready" from me lol)   He talked about how after Jill tied his shoes...
me: Wait? What?
Goofy: Jill tied my shoes
me: Jill ties your shoes?
Goofy: yes
me: Jill ties YOUR shoes?
Goofy: (looks at floor (or shoes) sheepishly)
me: *sigh*
You see, the teacher never actually saw the shoes being tied.  Only that they were tied.  When it is time to get ready to go home, she goes around and makes sure everybody has their boots on and zippers zipped.  All she saw was that the shoes were tied... she figured he did it.  Why would she think Jill did it?

Goofy will be learning how to tie his shoes this week.
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