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Weekends at my house are pretty uneventful, lazy days.  Since the baby, nothing ever gets done and I feel like our house is one big storage shed.

Okay... maybe a little dramatic but all the same I just can't find anywhere to put things!  We have officially run out of room.  I am so overwhelmed by what needs to be done so much that I can't do anything.

This happens a lot in my life.

So with that...  I am having a Christmas party for Goofy and a few of his friends.  sigh.

He has been planing this since Halloween.

And, yes, I said - HE.  He has decided it would be at the park...  Middle of December, dude!  Not going to happen.

He is inviting all of his kindergarten class plus a chosen few from his preschool class.  We have a small house... again not going to happen.  Daddy works every possible weekend but one and he said he would take the bebe out of the house... okay, maybe.

Goofy needs some positive attention.  I am making the invites now...
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