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Snow day!

My first official snow day as a parent of a kindergartner.

It would have been a lot better if I was not woken with a tap, tap, tap, tap on my cheek followed by "Can I watch a movie?"

me: "NO"

I am awake for the rest of the day.  Visions of laying in bed, lazily watching movies is replaced by Goofy dancing, running and stomping around the living room while the Bebe laughs.

Later that night we are playing Memory and Goofy wants to win... even if that means cheating.  After several attempts to correct him and after several mini tantrums I tell him I don't want to play with him anymore and he "sucks" for cheating.

He then proceeds to "sign" I don't love you and I ignore him pretending to play the game by myself - maturity has gone out the window for me.  When I don't respond to this he gets in my ear telling me he does not love me... I am not sure if I want to laugh out loud at this or just cry as I keep ignoring him.

When he does not get that it is in his best interest to leave I turn to him and say, "Go. To. Your. Room" with enough venom he goes without saying much but a whimper, "okay, I love you"  sigh.

He stays in his room.  I am so hurt I can not even talk to him.  I really wanted to slap him.  Okay, maybe not but I had to keep reminding myself that he is only a child, he is only feeling this one emotion and we have been locked up in the house all weekend, he is just bored...

I hear him crying and send the Husband to check on him.  He wet the bed.  He had laid down in bed and fell asleep and wet the bed.  My heart broke.  The Husband cleaned him up as he was hyperventilating.  He got on the couch with me and he said he was sorry.  When I asked him why he was so mean to me he said "because you said I sucked."

Very bad mommy moment.
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