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Who has two thumbs and was a bad mommy this weekend...?

Who has two thumbs and was a bad mommy this weekend...?

...this mommy and I am not to proud of myself.

I read awhile back, some article that the new spanking is yelling and I think I do that.  I think I scare my sweet boy just as much yelling at him as threatening to spank him.

I am not anti-spanking just anti-spanking when angry; so I never spank. Typing that I know it sounds strange but I grew up in house where you hit first ask questions later and I was scared of my father and not in the "I respect him now" way but in a "I resent you and wish I can tell you" way.

My brother adopted that technique after my father died and I refuse to do it now.  I am also a little scared of my own temper.  Needless to say... I yell and this weekend seems like that was all I did.  Worse of all -  I start of normal and like a light switch I scream.  There is no warm up.  No warning.  I just let it all out.

I also find that when I have particularly bad episodes of yelling, my Goofy gets extra clingy followed by a nice bought of constipation.  I try not to let him see that he gets to me and try to find other ways to parent and get my point across but I end up yelling.  The biggest issue is he just does not focus and can not seem to follow directions.  I can say over and over again the simplest direction and he looks at me like I am speaking Klingon.  The thing is... I KNOW he does not respond to yelling and, yet, I still do it.

I also know that I have to have his attention before giving instructions otherwise all is lost.  I can't even blame it on the TV because more often then not it is not on when I am trying to get him to do something.  He drifts away in his head and it is infuriating.

His new way of getting out of something is to say he is tired and that maybe he should go to his room!  Ha!  Tired my arse!  After the umpteenth time yelling at him to pick up his freakin legos I told him fine... go to bed and that is what he did... 2:00 in the afternoon and he went to bed.  He went to bed!  Grrr...

Goofy has also taken to expressing his dislike of me through sign language...  if I ask him to do something and he says no he writes the letters in the air... N... O... and if he is really upset it is this -

That's right folks it is "I love you" upside down... where does he get this?  That is better then just saying that he does not like mommy time anymore... almost cried with that one... sigh

Maybe he is not getting as much attention as he did before the baby sister was born.  It is a fact.  He does not get as much attention as he did before Bebe.  At least he is not one of those bratty kids that try to smother their new sibling with a pillow.  He is very proud of her.  The older she gets thought, he gets even less attention and I think it is starting to bother him.  She has that cute factor that he has and gets attention for and now she is getting the attention but he waits patiently until it his turn to get his share.  For how long that lasts is anyone's guess.  They both seem to thrive off attention and will gladly "perform" to get it.  I love that about both of them and hope that it means that we are doing a good job and that they will turn out to be confident adults.

Now if I can just stop yelling...
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