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Oozing goo and being human

The Bebe is sick.

Her nose a mess with oozing goo.

When she cries, she screams.

She sounds like an old woman, who smokes too much when she is reduced to crying because she can't scream anymore.

She wakes her self choking with snot rolling down her throat.

She can sleep on my chest and will only let me lie down when she is ready to nurse or pacifies her self with me.

I am a human pacifier. 

I am exhausted.

She is exhausted.

My heart is just breaking that I can not help her through this part of being human.

It will pass.

It is just a cold.

It could be way worse and for that, again, I am thankful.

Hopefully, both kids are done being sick... at least for this week anyway.

How do you comfort a sick baby?
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