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Death by Dinner

I burned dinner Friday.  The husband thinks I am trying to kill him.  I can only assume he means through starvation because I have been doing this a lot lately... burning things not trying to kill him.  In fact, it was not until he said, "You buy it.  I will make it." did I realize that was why he has been cooking so many meals the last several months.  So I burned a few meals and maybe forgot to cook but it beats cleaning up when I do cook. HA!  The kids eat.  And Jamba Mama wants to do nothing BUT nurse.  It is exhausting.  Half the time I don't think she is even "eating" just sucking and her scream... sweet Jesus!  I give in... I give in so much so that I am pretty sure I am practicing attachment parenting without meaning it. *sigh*

Today.. vote.  Can't escape the message.  It is everywhere and with good reason.  I had planned on using my company's policy in regards to voting but did not request it soon enough and I may have screwed myself.  I now have to decided between getting the kid to gymnastics or voting.  Tough choice...  Husband is working.  Not sure how I will swing this if there is a long wait.  *sigh*

The last two weeks have been pretty much like this... mini fails.  Lost Misplaced the family debit card on Friday but only realized at 4:00 PM on Halloween when I went to buy candy.  Lost Misplaced keys and had to walk to the church for my PSR class and while there my iPod died and had no way to tell time till the end bell rang.  Bought a sippy cup for the baby to only find out that they are not like Avent's and you can't use the nipple on it too to help baby learn to hold a cup (top it off I paid the same amount for one that avent has for two).  blerg.  Did I mention that I got a flat driving home to let the husband take my car because he had a flat?  *sigh* 

I have had some mini wins, too...  Bebe has her (first) two bottom teeth, I got to walk Corey to school on Monday; chatting about life and the Friday before I hung out in his classroom for their fall party.  I think he was pretty proud of me that I baked for his class and that is always a big win when your kid is proud of you.  I also made a stellar roasted vegetable soup and a killer pulled pork (with the help of the Husband's amazing BBQ sauce.. yay for team work!).  In the whole scope of things, I have more mini wins then fails but why do the fails always seem so much bigger when it is the wins that we will/should remember. *sigh*

Here is to all the big wins, the mini wins and all the stuff in between.

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