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My Daughter's Other Mommy

I am jealous of the babysitter.  The other mommy.  Her full-time care giver. 

When I dropped, Jamba Mama off today, I took her out of the car seat to hold her one more time before handing her off to the sitter and she nearly jumped from my arms.  She was reaching for the sitter, smiling and happy to see her and paid me no never mind as I was leaving.  I was more then a little crushed and even sadder since I just saw a blurb about weekend mommies.

Don't get me wrong I LOVE our child care provider and she is wonderful with our little mama (who is now four months and three weeks old) but it still a little awkward to hold my bébé and she nearly jumps into the arms of another woman.  Needless to say, I am now over the initial sadness because I know that she is in an environment where she is happy to be in and is excited to see her care giver.  I do hope my daughter will see the sitter as a that or maybe as a grandmotherly type and not as my replacement - her other mommy.

I then went and re-read the blog blurb I saw in my email (three weeks ago) and realized that it was just another mommy war… another us vs. them, SAHM vs. working mom debate that seems to be endless.  I am truly so sick that these debates still go on day after day, year after year.  Why is this debated?  I would love to stay home but it would be irresponsible of me in my situation to do so but Goddess bless the women that can stay at home...  I would in a heart beat.  Not all mommies would be good at home.  A “friend” of mine is at home with her kid and spends most of the day on Facebook.  He is in middle school and does not ride a bike or a skateboard and I am not sure if they actually venture out of the apartment. 

As I browsed more into this website, there appears to be a “mommy war” about breastfeeding and spanking (not together, separate topics).  I am afraid to go anywhere else on the site to find out what other things we are arguing about today.  What happen to “we are women her us roar” and being united, yada yada yada?  Can’t we all just get along?  We are doing the same thing… raising children the best way we can and all, ugh.  I wonder in this push to get equal rights we forgot that some of us would like to stay at home to raise the kids and just because we have a right to work outside the home does not mean we have to do it. 

This was not meant to be a rant about how everybody has an opinion and it is the right one; damn everybody else and their opinion.  If I would do a blog about that, it would be:  “Can Someone Explain Why Gay Marriage is wrong without Referring to Scripture?"  Instead, I really just wish I can bring bébé to work with me and then I would truly be a working mommy. 
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