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Grrrr... a Zit

Family guy zit
I have had a zit for like the last three days.

It is not a typical zit but a large angry zit that does not want to go away.

I almost feel as if it is talking to me as I sit here typing...  "I am angry.  I am never going away.  You may have thought you popped me but NO I am still hErE."

You get the idea...  I have a zit.  And I am blogging about a zit.  I have to though because it is that big.

It is somewhat ironic that I have this big, angry zit as I prepare my "baby" boy for kindergarten.

I'm reminded of all those embarrassing moments that I brought upon myself or experienced by just growing up (and out).  I was also painfully shy growing up.  I was told I was not but, trust me, I was and still am. It did not help either that I was easily embarrassed and will turn red even when I don't necessarily feel embarrassed but know that it is something embarrassing. 

family circus hugs
As I signed in my soon to be kindergartner into his preschool he started off down the hall with out me to his class room.  As I neared him, he kind of motioned to me to wait and he came to me saying he wanted to say good bye to me in the hall.  Now...  I have been preparing for this moment for the last two weeks.  This moment was suppose to happen on the first day of kindergarten... not half way through his last week of preschool!  For the last month, I have been kissing him good bye in the hallway away from the eyes of his classmates and until today he did not care who saw.  He also wanted to go into his classroom by himself.  *sigh*  If it was not bad enough he did not want to show PDA's, now he wants to go places on his own?  Embarrassed by my showy hugs and kisses *sigh* my baby boy is no longer a baby.

I am actually glad he is embarrassed by me.  It means that he is preparing himself for the world and doing things on his own.  I like to think of it as a built in self preservation measure to aid in the transition from preschooler to kindergartner and on ward...  I think a healthy bit of embarrassment is good as long as he does not go over board, cross the line so to speak and be mean.  I also feel that it shines a light on my flaws and gives me an opportunity to improve myself... yada, yada, yada.  I want my children to be proud of me and if it means facing the harsh reality, well, so be it.  If it means I have a smart mouth, little brat who does not know when to say something nice or nothing at all, well...  let's just hope we never find out lol.
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