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All I do is laundry.  Half the time I don't fold it and I never seem to put it away but it feels as if I am always doing laundry.  I try to ignore it but I can't because everything I can fit into right now is dirty not to mention the smell of my son's underwear and my baby girl's soiled everything can be overwhelming in our too small house.

The husband wears a uniform to work (which he smartly sends to the cleaners to make sure he has them when he needs them) so his everyday shirts pile up in a basket in the living room.

I tend to not put his clothes away because I hate the way he puts mine away so I figure he must hate where I put his clothes since he puts mine all willy nilly, where ever they fit.  My dining room table has clothes on it and draped over the chairs, clean and dirty.
In reality, I like the idea of doing my family's laundry but I am not one of those who can clean for the sake of cleaning.  I don't even clean because I have to clean.  I tend to pick up... constantly, just to see something else take its place.  So, I leave it or in the case of the husband's shoes, trip over it.  I wipe off and move things from my counter tops just to add something else to it or more likely... spill something on it.  I know that is what counters are made for but I envy the women who don't store things on top of their Frigidaire because they ran out of room in the cupboards or counters.  I am, however, great at throwing things out.  I sweep things into piles just to throw it all away.  I am super good at tossing things in the garbage without a second thought.  I will recycle the heck out of every piece of paper and plastic bottle just to get it out of the house.

Can't do that with the laundry (albeit I thought hard about it).

I am one of those women who gaze lovingly at rooms in the magazines.  I browse The Container Store website, putting things in my virtual cart, imagining how it would look in our home and then close the browser with my perfect elfa laundry room left to occupy cyberspace.

I read the home furnishing catalogs to see what I can do to make my home nicer.  I love to look at and to see the latest in things I need to make my home smell better, look cleaner and of course be eco-friendly.  I have to ask myself... who has the money for all that?  (full disclosure: I LOVE method products and if I could afford to, would buy everything they sell)

It all comes down to clutter.  Clutter on my dining room table, clutter in the bedrooms, clutter on top of my refrigerator and of course clutter in my mind.

When I am at work, sitting at my computer, all I can think about is ways that I can get the house organized and spend time with the family.  I can make dinner, nurse the baby, fold the clothes and clean the *gag* bathroom.  Yes, I can.

Then I get home and I make the four year old's dinner, while I entertain the bebe with promises that she will be next hoping to make it before she starts crying.  I debate about making our dinner...  how much can I do before the four month old wants to nurse...?

On great days I can finish; bad other days...  she will nurse for a couple of hours (after I get the dinner for the four year old) because she did not want the bottle at the babysitter...  who needs to eat?

On better days, the husband would have made dinner before heading off to work or will be heading home from work to entertain jamba mama while I cook.

And like every other mommy with a computer and a blog I would not trade any of it... unless my fairy godmother granted me maid service.
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