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Snuggling Up with Memories and

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Snuggling Up with Memories and

Lately, I've been thinking about printing the photos that we have stored on phones, the cloud, and thumb drives.

Part of me thinks of it is impractical to print them all out. We have thousands of photos. And, what happens when it's time to pass them on to our kids? Are they going to fight over the photos we have or double the order so they each get copies of our memories?

I may be over thinking or over feeling this minor problem. But, I can't help it! Summer is coming to an end and I'm reminded of how few summers we have left together.

Wanting to capture these moments in a way that is gorgeous and practical, I turn to offers a variety of wall art and home items that are customizable with your photos.  The list is extensive - from calendars to ornaments.

Ordering is easy. You can create your project, finish, and pay. Or, you can purchase a voucher to use at a later date or give as a gift. Purchasing a voucher could even save you money!

Customized sherpa blanket from

I was given a voucher from to create a 50x60 sherpa blanket.

There are dozens of templates, layouts, and backgrounds to help create your project. Text can be added to your project as well.'s sherpa blanket in scale

Photos can be retrieved by logging into different social media accounts or uploading them directly to the website.

Originally, I wanted to use the state of Ohio template and pick photos that showcase our home state. I narrowed our photos to 135. recommends using 80 photos. I decided not to use the state template, picked a premade layout, and narrowed the photos to 81.

I was mentally taxed. Narrowing down photos is hard work!

I debated adding our family name or the date to our blanket. I even considered using Cleveland's coordinates. In the end, I settled on using a quote.

Be happy in the moment, that’s enough. Each moment is all we need, not more. - Mother Teresa

When the kids are upset, or anyone I know who is struggling, I remind them that we are living in one moment. With that in mind, I found a quote from Mother Theresa that I fell in love with and suited all the photos I picked.

Snuggling Up with Memories and

This blanket is thick, heavy, and so warm. The photos are beautifully rendered. I love looking at this blanket. It's tempting to hang it on the wall, but I don't have wall space that big!

Now, when I feel like time is going by too fast, I can wrap myself up in a snuggly blanket full of moments I always want to remember.

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