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Communion, Siblings, and Milestones

I've been thinking about milestones a lot lately. When kids were little, milestones were monthly if not weekly events. As they get a little older, they don't seem as obvious or as celebrated.

Sure, there are first and last days of school, birthdays, and lost teeth. But celebrating them aren't as exciting. There are also some milestones that aren't fun to celebrate - the first time one of them says, "I HATE YOU!" or the day it's obvious that they need to use deodorant.

As a Catholic, celebrating sacraments is a big milestone in their lives. The preparation for it marks an important time in their lives, too. I loved and hated searching for the right dress and veil for my daughter this year.

It was more challenging than I expected to find a dress in her size that she like and within our budget. I also worried about getting the dress too soon. My son had a growth spurt the year he made his first communion right after we bought the suit. He still wore the suit. We took pictures before the growth spurt.

I bought a veil on Amazon but it wasn't going to arrive in time for her photos. The day before her pictures, I found myself at the local craft store planning to make it myself. I thought it would be cute if she wore the headpiece I wore when I got married.

As we pondered the two choices of pre-made veils, she spied the tiniest tiara and wanted it. Part of me was sad, but she has her first Irish dance competition (feis) at the end of the month. Now I don't have to buy bling for her hair.

Feis is three weeks out and my son decided that he would not compete. I wish he would, if for no other reason than to get out of his comfort zone. But, my wallet is saying thank you.

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He will support his sister in ways that I know my siblings wouldn't or couldn't support me.

Until the big event, she's taking two classes a week. She's used to dancing with her brother and friends. They aren't in the second class. She asked her brother to come with her and just sit in the waiting room. My kid went and waited. He's so good to her.

When I arrived, he and I went for a walk since the studio was so crowded with parents. And, then we all went for ice cream. She wasn't thrilled that we weren't there waiting, but I couldn't pass up a chance to walk with my oldest. And, we finally got around to seeing the street art that was done last summer.

They are pretty close despite the five year age difference. I just pray that they stay close.

It's funny to think that in a few years, she will be the only child. Just as he was the only child for the first five years. I guess that's one more milestone I'm not looking forward to meeting.

What are some milestones in your family life?

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