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#4748days, Jack Flaps, and Hot Sauce

#4748days, Jack Flaps, and Hot Sauce

4748 days. That is how many days the Hubs and I have been legal together. 11 years.

We celebrated over pancakes at my favorite breakfast place - Jack Flaps. We go about once a year. I don't even really like pancakes, but I make an exception for the flapjacks they serve.

It's a small place, very hip. Getting a seat is all about timing. Go early, not too late in the morning, and prepare to wait if you want to stay. It's decadent and indulgent. And, it's pricier than what we typically spend on breakfast in our neighborhood joint.

Worth. Every. Penny.

I had tiramisu pancakes. Light and fluffy pancakes cradle espresso custard and vanilla-bean whipped cream. Topped with a cannoli and shaved chocolate. They will serve this in my heaven.

Jack Flaps tiramisu pancakes

The Hubs went simple with the 'Old Stand By' of eggs, brown sugar pot belly, and potatoes. I feel the need to repeat brown sugar pot belly. I gazed longingly at the thick slices of pork that was slow cooked to perfect tenderness. Lenten promise kept. He also had the pancakes. Just pancakes.

He declared his breakfast to be the best he's had in a long time.

Jack Flap old stand by and pancakes

We also discovered the hot sauce. As someone who craves spicy like a pregnant woman, I was blown away by how amazing it tasted. He can take or leave spice, loved it too. It's not too spicy or sweet. It's a perfect balance.  We bought a bottle and joked it was our anniversary gift to one another.

It's been an interesting year. Not too sweet and not too spicy, that bottle of hot sauce embodies our last year.

We have our ups and downs. Sometimes we need to reconnect and I think we've done a better job this year than any other year. We've shared feelings and experiences. And, I am so proud to be married to this guy. Who hates when I share photos, so I will share this one.

The love of my life

Can't wait to see what the next 365 days will look like...

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