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Mommy and Me Painting with My Girl

Mommy and Me Painting with My Girl

I've been more of a tomboy all my life. Not the sports loving kind. More of the jeans wearing, anti-pink kind of girl. Even as an adult, I was treated more like one of the guys. This suited my introverted self just fine.

Having kids has forced me to be less of an introvert and having a girl has made me less of a tomboy.

Girl time has taken on a whole new meeting, too. No more drinking until dawn for this mama! Now it's more arts and crafts and usually with some pizza. I guess the pizza part if pretty much the same.

Our recent girl time out was with her Girl Scout troop for Mommy and Me painting.

Mommy and Me Painting with My Girl at the Sweet Spot #gsneo

In this case, it was all her. She would not let me paint. Next time, I'm getting my own canvas.
Every child is an artist... - Pablo Picasso #quote

This painting class was held at a local gelato shop which included a sweet treat. As the paint dried on the background of the canvas, the girls got to have a dish of gelato.

Painting at the Sweet Spot

Did I mention that she would not let me paint?

Well, except to outline the petals.

Painting with my gal at The Sweet Spot

I made some pretty awesome petals. And, she did let me finish her gelato. That she didn't like.

The teacher for our class is a mom of one of the girls in her troop. She created the perfect project. It's the daisy petal insignia on their uniforms. An ideal keepsake to remind them of their time together.

The finished project

I think we will be doing this again soon. But, I'm getting my own canvas.
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