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Shaking Things Up with My Weight Loss Plan #goalforit

Shaking Things Up with My Weight Loss Plan + Free Isagenix Tracker

You know what's worse than working out? Getting back to it after two months. It sucks.

Inspired by SheSpeaks and the #GoalForIt care package from Folgers I received, I reevaluated my goals. And, getting back to a healthy lifestyle.

Gaining back all but seven pounds has helped with that as well.

To get back on track, I'm trying something new.

The hubs convinced me to try a shake program. Since I refused to make potatoes and real bacon for years, the least I can do is try this with him for a month, or so.

Drinking my meals is new, but not terrible. And, there are many creative recipes to try using the powder. In fact, I mix the vanilla shake with Folgers coffee. Not being a fan of anything berry or fruit flavored, I do outright hate a few flavors. Not enough to ditch the program on the second day. I'm not sure about making this a lifestyle change. It's too soon to tell.

On the flip-side, meal planning got a lot easier.

Shaking Things Up with My Weight Loss Plan #goalforit

This is a lifestyle change. Trading meals for shakes is a big transition. I miss my egg white omelet in the morning with my coffee. I decided to do a shake for breakfast and dinner. I work out during my lunch and hungry afterward. I may change it up so I can share meals with the Hubs, but this first week back to the gym is stressful enough.

For crying out loud #goalforit

I will never take such a long break from the gym again! I was up to 40 minutes on the elliptical plus a HITT workout. Today I made it 15 minutes on the elliptical before I called it quits. I had to increase my HITT workout to make up for it.

Here's my before photo. Be kind, I just finished my work out.

Shaking up my weight loss | before photo

And, if you happen to be doing the same shake and cleanse system - check out the tracker I'm using to help me.

Isagenix shake and cleanse seven day free tracker #printable

What's a diet plan that's worked for you? Is fitness a goal for you? 

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