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Turning 11 was a Splashing Good Time at Great Wolf Lodge

Turning 11 was a Splashing Good Time at Great Wolf Lodge

My baby boy turned 11 years old.

I have an eleven-year-old child. E-l-e-v-e-n! My spawn is now heading off to middle school with lockers and class schedules. Oh, my!

11 years old

Instead of spending money on an elaborate birthday for all of his acquaintances, I convinced him to have a destination birthday. And, he brought his best friend.

Cabin life at Great Wolf Lodge

This is not a sponsored post. I found a pretty good deal through Great Wolf's email newsletter and went for it. Of course, after reading the fine print, the deal I thought I was getting was for two days, but it was still a deal.

We love Castaway Bay and was torn between the two. But, Great Wolf Lodge would be a new adventure. Kalahari is on our list, too.

It's hard to write this without getting a little teary-eyed. This is the first trip that both kids were big enough and old enough to do pretty much anything they wanted to do - on their own.

Waking up at at Great Wolf Lodge

They could also be trusted to hang out in the room and eat pizza while the Hubs and I had a nice dinner. When they were finished they came down for a dance party in the lobby and went back up until story time.

Waiting for storytime at Great Wolf Lodge

Don't get me wrong, a quick visual check on them, a text (or two), and a snapchat kept us up to date on how they were doing. But, we had a nice dinner, sat at the bar (fantastic bartender, really good food) and they had fun without the 'rents hovering.

In the pool at Great Wolf Lodge

In the pool, RD had free reign thanks to a life preserver (that she didn't need) and took advantage of the freedom. She didn't want to try the slides, but that didn't keep her from enjoying the hot tub, lazy river, and the pool.

Me and little me at Great Wolf Lodge

I even got to swim freely and when I wanted to do the slides, she was fine hanging out.

We hardly saw the spawn and his friend.

Lazy life at at Great Wolf Lodge

It's hard knowing that these little humans are becoming self-sufficient people.

Don't fall in! Great Wolf Lodge

It's even harder knowing I can't help them navigate every problem. But, I think that they are doing alright managing some of the minor obstacles that have come their way.

After all, learning to deal with all the little issues is practice for when something really big happens.

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