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5 Essentials Your Lefty Will Need for Back-to-School

5 Essentials Your Lefty Will Need for Back-to-School
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My kids are lefties. Both of them.

Most of the time, they adapt, but there are a few times that just adapting will not do. For instance, learning to play the trombone is an adaptable situation. Cutting paper with a scissor meant for someone who is right-handed, not so easy. And, it's not just because the design of the grip is for a right-handed person. It's the reversed blade on left-handed scissors that makes it unique to a southpaw.

While the number of lefty items has increased over the years, the price makes you stop and wonder if they really need something. They are also hard to find outside of a specialty store, in San Fransico.

Thank goodness for the internet!

The big question that I faced when my oldest started school was - what's actually necessary? After eight years of buying supplies, I think I have the list down to what is needed and what they can pass on. For now at least.


If you get nothing else, get true left-handed scissors. One for home and one for school. I made that mistake the first year. Who knew kindergartners would have homework let alone homework that involved cutting. I also like these for younger kids.


You can get individual rulers from Lefties (in San Fransico or online) or part of a kit. Personally, I get my kids the kit to give them everything they need when they start kindergarten and again for middle school. Plus, they are available on Amazon Prime.


It's hard enough practicing letters and learning cursive without something in the way. Investing in a notebook that will allow them to write comfortably will make life easier and less frustrating.

An alternative to spiral notebooks is composition books that lay flat.

Pencil grips

Did you know that drinking out of a cup with a handle strengthens the muscles for writing? Since our kids used sippies with no handles, pencil grips come in hand when learning to write. For lefties it prevents their hands from rubbing on the lead or ink, causing smears and dirty hands.

Ballpoint pens

Speaking of smearing ink, ballpoint pens. When right-handed individuals write with a pen, we pull. Lefties push the ball point pen which means the ink will not flow out correctly. The shape of these pens keep hands away from the paper and allow the writer to see the paper better.

Have a lefty? What is on your list?

Life without left-handed people wouldn't be right

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