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3 Things to Remember While Finding the Athlete Within + a free offer

3 Things to Remember While Finding the Athlete Within #JustAKidFrom
This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/POWERADE. Opinions are my own.

Any adult will tell you, finding a sport that you will excel at is not always easy. There are some who take to a sport like they are born to do it, and then there is the rest of us.

My little one has loved dance from the moment she heard music playing. She started ballet as soon as she could and it lead her to Irish step.

Irish Step Class #JustAKidFrom Cleveland

I'm not sure what sport she may take to if any at all. Irish step dance is where her heart is for now. Her teachers put her through some serious drills. And, just like any other sport she has to practice outside of the studio.

My soon to be middle schooler is still trying to find his inner athlete. He tried soccer, but one game on a muddy field was enough for him.

Solko Gymnastics  #JustAKidFrom Cleveland
We joined our local Sokol so he can try gymnastics, but he aged out. They did not have a boys' gymnastics coach in our area so I will never know if it was for him.

Running may be the sport for him. He loves track and field days at his school and usually does well in the heats.

Track and Field Days  #JustAKidFrom Cleveland

Right now, he's just having fun trying out everything that looks like it might be fun.

Trying all sports  #JustAKidFrom Cleveland

Even I keep trying sports to see if I might like something. That's me trying my hand at dodgeball.


The photo that didn't get taken was me catching a ball while holding one in the other hand!

We're all  #JustAKidFrom Somewhere

While searching for their inner athlete I remind them of these three things.

Trying and failing is just finding a way that didn't work.

We all want to do something perfect, but it won't happen unless practice continues off the field or dance floor.  

If you don't see something through, there is no way of knowing if it was right for you.

Simple, but effective.

As a parent, all I can do is support them and encourage them to try everything. I'm thrilled that they are willing to put themselves out there. And, I'll continue to sign them up for whatever they want to try. I aim to give them the tools they need to be safe and keep healthy while on this adventure.

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