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If I Had a Billion Dollars

If I Had a Billion Dollars

Unless you live under a rock, the Powerball is over a billion dollars.

I don't typically play the lottery, but I do enjoy daydreaming about what I'd do if I won. Lucky (or unlucky), my husband does play so maybe these aren't wasted dreams.

1. Create a team.

If I Had a Billion Dollars - have a team

First, I'd hire a lawyer and an accountant before claiming my winnings. I would also have a plan of action in place before depositing any money. I'd want a separate bank account, with a high yield interest, just to pay yearly taxes and a separate account for household expenses like groceries, bills, and repairs to our house and cars.

Next, I'd set up college funds for my kids as well as a few family members and friends. If they decide not to go to college, the money would turn into a scholarship unless they had a really solid plan for their future.

Finally, a budget for each of us. The kids' would have enough money to cover extracurricular activities and some spending money each month. And, the Hubs and I will each have an allowance to spend on what we need or want.

2. Write some checks!

If I Had a Billion Dollars - pay off bills

Wouldn't it be great to write a check and just pay off all of your debt in one swoop?

I'd start by paying what's left of our student loans, pay off our car loans, and finally, the credit cards. I'd also pay to have my car fixed and buy our house. I want to pretend for as long as possible that we didn't win a billion dollars.

3. Plan a few vacations.

If I Had a Billion Dollars - Travel

No crazy vacations, but just a couple vacations for fun. And, I've always wanted to spend holidays in Atlanta with the inlaws or in a condo on the beach somewhere.

Also, I've always wanted to surprise the kids with a trip to Disney. I'd plan the trip, the Hubs would hide the bags in the car, and we'd tell them we were going out to dinner. When we got to the airport we'd tell them we'd be having dinner with Micky and Minnie!

4. Go on living!

If I Had a Billion Dollars - Live life normal

I like our modest house in the city we live in now, except I'd have a maid. The kids would be able to take art classes and dance classes to their hearts content and when they struggle in school they will have tutors to help them.

I'd quit my job and start a non-profit to revitalize a neighborhood I drive through on my way to work. I really love the buildings and would love to see it come back to life, but affordable.

I'd spend the majority of my time organizing it while the kids are in school. Once they were home from school,  I'd greet them with a snack and help with their homework. I'd probably keep blogging.

The hubs can help with my nonprofit I suppose, it would be like the hobby I always wanted us to have but way more meaningful. And, maybe we could take a few dance classes.

Daydreaming is fun.

They say there's no harm in daydreaming, but there is.

What would you do with a billion dollars? 

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