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It's Girl Scout Cookie Time! Helping Her Become a #CookieBoss

It's Girl Scout Cookie Time! Helping Her Become a #CookieBoss
I have been compensated by Girl Scouts of North East Ohio to facilitate this post. 
All opinions are my own.

When my little Daisy decided that she wanted to join a troop I was really excited! The first reason, she will look super cute in her uniform. The second reason, she will have an opportunity to learn valuable life skills like goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics. And, I'd have an in to get those amazing Thin Mints!

Our troop's first big group activity was to attend a Girl Scout of North East Ohio cookie rally. I had no idea what to expect but let me start by saying - cookie season preparation is no joke. Besides tools the girls receive within their troop and online, cookie rallies go a few steps further to offer a fun, activity-packed afternoon showing girls how to run a successful business.

Learning to be a Girl Scout #CookieBoss

The cookie rally we attended had eight booths to demonstrate business skills, teach safety, and inspire ideas to help promote their business. There was also a booth that emphasized goal setting and another for money management. We went in thinking, "what can they show us?" and we left motivated!

Looking for cookie sales in your area? There's an app - Apple and Android

By the way, my Daisy's favorite booth was money management. While the other girls were working on crafts, she was counting money. She was disappointed when she found out that she could not keep the money. However, all was forgiven when she found out that her sales will help support her troop. It didn't hurt when she saw the prize list either and she set her goal.

Personally, I was thrilled to find out that Girl Scouts of North East Ohio has a website for each girl to send to family and friends that they can personalize with help from mom and dad. The backend of the site is loaded with information on internet safety, videos, and games for your little entrepreneur. Girls can also keep track of their online sales.

When we started this journey, I was worried about how much would be coming out of pocket to pay for the things that they wanted to do as a troop. I know how bad that sounds, but between two kids, dance lessons, art classes, and instrument rentals - it adds up! Her hard work selling cookies will help offset the cost of all the amazing opportunities Girl Scouts has to offer throughout the year plus she'll earn badges for the skills she will have for a lifetime.

This Girl Scout Daisy will be a #CookieBoss

The real question -

What's your favorite Girl Scout cookie?

It's never too late to join! Go to to find a troop today! 

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