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Time Together is the Best Part Our Football #GameDayTraditions

#GameDayTradition with @ProcterGamble at @Walmart
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Day dates with the Husband are way easier than nights out, which is fine by me during football season.

Football in front of the TV is not fun for me. I get bored easily and often fall asleep. Sad, I know, I would much rather be at the game surrounded by cheering fans. Since our team pretty much sucks, shelling out the money to hang out with other fans in the cold is not for us. Hanging out at our local bar is better. Making it a day date makes it perfect. 
Date Day is Our Football #GameDayTraditions

50 years of #GameDayTraditions with Proctor and Gamble at Walmart

My before game routine starts (and ends) with my teeth. If our team happens to score, I want my mouth ready for kissing. And, when the game is over, I make a beeline to the bathroom when we get home to brush again after the beer and bar munchies.

Oral-B Vitality with Crest Prohealth Advanced Toothpaste makes my teeth whiter with every use and MicroPulse bristles clean between teeth for a fresher, cleaner mouth.

Even though we aren't going out at night, it's still a date and my game face loves CoverGirl LashBlast Mascara. It's a staple in my make-up bag. I adore how they make my eyes pop with little effort.

#GameDayTraditions with @ProctorGamble makes the Big Game better

Of course, I'm not the only one to get ready for a day out on the town. The husband prefers Gillette Fusion ProGlide to other brands for shaving his head because it has the thinnest blades of any other razor he's tried. Plus, the FlexBall Technology gives maximum contact on the curves of his head and Enhanced Lubrastrip for a smooth glide.

The Big Game is right around the corner and you better believe we have a sitter lined up so we can catch the action across at our favorite watering hole. And, we are certain to come out looking like winners. 

50 years of #GameDayTraditions with @ProcterGamble at @Walmart

Need ideas for Game Day Traditions? Take a look at traditionsforgameday.com for more!

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