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Monster Munch Cereal Party Mix Recipe

Monster Munch Cereal Party Mix Recipe

My go-to recipe for bake sales is typically Chex mixes. I've grown tired of the same old cookies and brownies. I'm hoping that others have, too. I have no idea if it's true, but I'll continue to make them for every bake sale until someone complains.

I've made pumpkin pie, snickerdoodle, and apple pie Chex mix and for Christmas one year I made Rudolf popcorn mix. Now, I'm adding Monster Munch Crunch to my arsenal of bake sale goodies.

I've had a hankering for Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, but not enough to buy a box so I thought I would start with that cereal. As I walked into the grocery store, I spotted Count Chocula and grabbed that since this is for Halloween and all. I also added M&M's, Cheerios, and pretzels to balance it all out. The final touches were white and orange candy melts plus pumpkin shaped sprinkles.

My bowl is big, but not big enough for all that cereal! I made the cereal mix in three batches using 1/3 of all the cereal, 1/3 of the M&M's, 1/3 of the sprinkles. and a few handfuls of pretzels for each bag of candy melt. I repeated this three times and each time I added the mix to the mix that was drying.

Monster Munch Cereal Party Mix Recipe mixing it up

Once all three batches were done, I gave it one more mix together and broke apart what was already drying.

Monster Munch Cereal Party Mix Recipe Drying

It took no time at all to dry! By the time The Vampire Diaries and The Originals had ended and I designed and printed the labels - the mix was ready to be bagged.  In other words, about two and a half hours.

Fall Fest Munch / Monster Munch Cereal Party Mix Bagged

I created the label image in Canva, downloaded the images, and used Avery's online template to make the label. I just uploaded the image to the template, adjusted the size, and downloaded the pdf to print on my wireless HP Envy printer.

Fall Fest Munch Label back

Since the bake sale was actually for Fall Fest, I named this Fall Fest Munch. I'm going to make this again for a Halloween party and made new labels for the bags renaming it Monster Munch Crunch.
Monster Munch Crunch label front
If you would like to use them, I have them on Canva to share and open to edit.

Monster Munch Crunch Cereal Party Mix Ingredients


  1. One box Cinnamon Toast Crunch
  2. One box Count Chocula
  3. One family size box of Cheerios
  4. One bag of Pretzels
  5. One bag of M&M's
  6. One container of Halloween sprinkles
  7. 3 bags of candy melts


  • Mix the cereal, pretzels, M&M's, and sprinkles with the candy melt (see above for more details)
  • Pour out on to parchment paper, spreading it so it dries evenly
  • Keep in an air tight container if not portioning it into bags

Do you have a go to bake sale recipe?

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