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DIY Photo Booth Frame Prop

DIY Photo Booth Frame Prop

The idea of creating a photo booth for this year's Fall Fest at the kids' school was really exciting especially since it was being sponsored by HP Social Media Snapshots.

Our school event is called Fall Fest, but it's still a Halloween themed party. Kids can come in costume which means that props aren't necessary like at a birthday party. Of course, just because a trunk full of props wouldn't be needed, I still wanted to make it feel like a photo booth. I did this by setting the scene and creating a photo frame prop out of foam core.

The photo frame was super easy to make and I didn't even have a ruler! I thought I had a metal yardstick, but it seems it has gotten lost in one of our many moves. Needless to say, I improvised with an old, square bathroom towel hanger and a small plastic ruler.

I used the thickness of the chalkboard tape to determine the thickness of the frame and used a retractable razor to cut the frame followed by an emery board to smooth out the inside of the frame.

Duck Brand Chalkboard tape for DIY Photo Booth Frame Prop

Next, I peeled the back of the chalkboard tape off and applied the tape flush to the inside of the frame. I laid the tape on the longest sides of the frame first and then the short sides so the tape overlapped evenly.

After the tape was laid, there was a small white border along the outside of the frame which I covered with washi tape to gave the frame a finished look. The washi tape can be removed or taped over so the frame can be used for another event. Using a glue stick, I added a jack o' lantern just to fill in some space at the top of the frame.

Chalk can be used to write on the frame, but I opted to use pastels because the color is vibrant and really stands out. I had to re-write the words every few uses, but it wasn't a big deal and if anyone wanted their names on the frame it was easy to add.

DIY Photo Booth Frame Prop scene

The final touches to the photo area were done using inexpensive bunting from our local craft store and a bale of hay. I also printed directions since parents were encouraged to take photos of their kids but I was also available to take a group shot with their phone or tablet.

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What you will need for a DIY Photo Booth Frame Prop

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