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Hey Dummy, Here are Some Reasons You Should Hold Her Hand

Why I Think It's Important to Hold Your Wife's Hand #marriage

A while ago I was eavesdropping on a conversation about hand holding and I heard the guy say to his friend, "She's not four, why should I hold her hand?"

My heart hurt at these words.

I understand when someone feels uncomfortable with public displays of affection but to compare holding hands with the person you love to the need of guiding a four-year-old breaks my heart. 

Instead of butting in and sharing why I think he is obviously wrong, I let the comment fester to the point that I can no longer hold it in. 

I'm writing this from my point of view as a wife but feel free to replace wife with my spouse, husband, partner, significant other, girlfriend, boyfriend, or fiance. 

Hey dummy, some reasons why you should hold her hand #advice #relationship

Holding hands is one of the most intimate things you can do with clothes on in public.

Touch is a form of reassurance and comfort but to be able to hold the hand of the person you love - deepens those feelings.

A simple squeeze can let her know that she is being heard and can also encourage her to continue. 

Do I require my husband to lead me through life? Absolutely not! But he's my partner, and we can guide each other. 

Grabbing my hand as we walk excites me and lets me know that he wants me; for me, it's a form of foreplay. Plus, I just like the feel of his hands in mine, makes me think of his hands elsewhere. 

His long legs take him so much further in a shorter amount of time than mine, taking my hand allows us to keep pace, providing he won't drag me along. (Okay, this one also applies to a toddler or small child.)

I don't need to hold hands all the time nor do I expect it but there is no denying that when his hand is in mine I know that we are complete, we are strong, and the world knows it too.

Holding hands should be as easy and as automatic as breathing. If it isn't there is no time like the present to start practicing. 

Are you a hand-holder?

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