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My Dei Fratelli Salsa Scramble Recipe + a Diet Story

Dei Fratelli Salsa Scramble Recipe + a Diet Story

I was given a jar to facilitate this post. Opinions are my own.

This past April, I decided to commit myself, once again to losing weight.

I also decided that I would try that little fad diet plan from Miami, again. I have so much weight to lose and I want to be a good example for my little one.

The first time I followed this low-carb, low-fat, high fiber diet plan was right after I had my oldest. I lost a lot of weight on it and kept it off for a few years. I gained it all back these last few years; especially the last two. I just could not stop eating everything.

Hello, I'm a binge eater.

The strictness of phase one has helped me so much to curb cravings and not feel the need to eat all of the time. It was hard, but I've learned several tricks over the years and applied them to this go around. I've found that it's not as bad as I remember, plus, this plan has added foods that were once restricted in phase two. I don't feel like I'm missing anything. Except ice cream, full fat ice cream.

It's been eight weeks and I am down eighteen pounds. If I keep this up, I'll reach my first big goal in four months. I'm not in a rush. I want to keep it off.

Will I be a die hard no carb gal? Hells no! I can't wait to get to my goal and be able to eat a great big asiago bagel with a butt load of cream cheese, just once in a while not weekly or even monthly.

What I found that helped me the first go around was spicy foods and it really helped this time too. The heat helps with my cravings and makes me feel fuller. Besides adding hot sauce and cayenne to everything I also love to cook with salsa.

I love salsa in all forms, chunky, smooth, hot, mild, with black beans, without - you get the idea. As much as I love salsa, I hate eggs. Okay, hate is a strong word, maybe dislike would be better. It is a great source of protein and I have to eat breakfast so eggs it is.

This is not a new recipe, this is not even a unique recipe but what is new for me at least is Dei Fratelli Salsa. I've used Dei Fratelli tomatoes for years now and never knew they had salsa until I was contacted by the company.

Originally, I had planned to feature it at my grilled cheese party, but I also knew I was starting South Beach right after my orgy of cheese and bread so I saved it. I put it out but would not open it. I enjoyed the salsa so much I knew I would need it in phase one. I feel a little selfish. I don't feel bad at all.

Dei Fratelli salsa has a great texture, not chunky, but bursting with tomato and pepper goodness. It's a perfect topping for eggs and I ate it nearly every day for two weeks.

On a side note: this tastes fantastic on baked chicken with fat-free cheddar cheese.

Dei Fratelli Salsa Scramble Recipe

Salsa Scramble


  • 1 large egg 
  • 2 large egg whites 
  • 1/2 cup baby spinach 
  • 1/4 cup sliced mushrooms 
  • 3 or 4 sweet mini peppers 
  • 3 Tbsps Dei Fratelli salsa 
  • Olive oil cooking spray 


  1. Sautee spinach and mushrooms until spinach are wilted and mushrooms are darkened. 
  2. Add diced sweet peppers 
  3. Scramble eggs and add to pan 
  4. Plate eggs and top with salsa 

How do you use salsa in your cooking?

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