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A New Summer Tradition Begins at Hotel Breakers @CedarPoint

A New Summer Tradition Begins at Hotel Breakers @CedarPoint #bloggingatCP
As a Cedar Point blogger, we received an overnight stay plus tickets to Cedar Point to facilitate this review. Opinions are 100% my own.

My mom's favorite vacation spot growing up was Euclid Beach. My favorite summer family getaway as a kid was Geneva-on-the-Lake. Now it's time to make yearly summer traditions with the kids and Cedar Point Resorts' Hotel Breakers is at the top of the list.

This is our first trip to the Hotel Breakers so I can't compare what it once was to what it is now after what I hear was extensive renovations but what I can say is that it is a gorgeous place to stay.

The gorgeous @CedarPoint Hotel Breakers #bloggingatCP
From the greeting we got at arrival to the fond farewell when we left, there was not a moment where we were unhappy or received poor service. Even the employees seem happy to be at the Hotel Breakers, the service is incredible.

How can you not be happy when this is your back yard for the time that you are here.

Panoramic view of @CedarPoint Resorts Hotel Breakers #bloggingatCP

And, Snoopy sightings twice a day!

Snoopy at @CedarPoint Resorts Hotel Breakers #bloggingatCP

It's the details...

I truly want to gush over the artwork and the attention to detail that was paid in the decor, but I'll just share some of the photos that the Hubs and I took while at the Hotel Breakers.

Mural behind @CedarPoint Hotel Breakers reservation desk  #bloggingatCP

Waiting in the lobby at @CedarPoint Hotel Breakers #bloggingatCP

Rotunda @CedarPoint Hotel Breakers #bloggingatCP

Stunning artwork @CedarPoint Hotel Breakers #bloggingatCP

Fresh, Updated Rooms

All the rooms are updated with bright colors, fun headboards, a dorm-size fridge, and microwave.

There are also plenty of outlets to plug in electronics, an iron and board for a quick press, a LCD TV with digital channels, WiFi, and Bath and Body toiletries. We made ourselves right at home.

At home at @CedarPoint Hotel Breakers #bloggingatCP

Bright, beautiful room at @CedarPoint Hotel Breakers #bloggingatCP

View from our room at @CedarPoint Hotel Breakers #bloggingatCP
The view from our room

Water Fun

Besides the beach, which is where we spent the first afternoon, there is an indoor pool, an outdoor pool, a zero-depth splash area for the kids, and a hot tub.

It was a bit chilly when we went, but the kids wanted to play in the sand and eventually in the lake while the Hubs and I hung out under the umbrellas in the adirondack chairs.

Once they inevitably headed for the water, the swimming area was clearly marked and it barely reached my thighs so perfectly safe even for my five-year-old.

Fun in the sand @CedarPoint Hotel Breakers #bloggingatCP

View from the water's edge @CedarPoint Hotel Breakers #bloggingatCP

Night time at @CedarPoint Resorts Hotel Breakers #bloggingatCP

Easy Access to Cedar Point

What may be the best part of staying at the Hotel Breakers is that you can walk right into Cedar Point and an hour early. It is also why staying at the Hotel Breakers will probably be our yearly family tradition.

I highly recommend staying at least two nights and with the Cedar Points Resorts' Easy Pay Program, you can divided payments up in four, easier to manage, payments. Drive up, park for free, check in and relax or take advantage of the after 4:00 PM discount.

Walking along the boardwalk @CedarPoint Resorts Hotel Breakers #bloggingatCP

Riding rides at @CedarPoint

Ah-maze-ing Staff

Finally, I have to applaud all of the staff again but especially the two who worked the ice cream stand the night we stayed.

It seemed everyone had a taste for ice cream at the same time! The line was out the door and probably a twenty-minute wait for ice cream - they never once lost their cool despite feeling the pressure from sugar starved kids and their parents. The young lady even sang while she worked and she has a lovely voice.

Thank you guys for your hard work and dedication!

The best employees are at @CedarPoint Resorts Hotel Breakers #bloggingatCP

What is your favorite family summer tradition? 

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