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Liars We Love (and You Should, Too) #streamteam

As part of the Netflix #StreamTeam, I received product to facilitate this post. I have not received monetary compensation and opinions are my own.

My little one lies. She lies so well she is believable. On the other hand, if you ask her if she is lying she will tell you that she is lying.

This month's theme for Netflix's Stream Team is liars. Given my little one's tendency to lie, we started watching the movies and shows with strong honesty themes.

We've been long time fans of Veggie Tales, and Netflix's original Veggie Tales in the House is actually really good so it was easy to start there with the Lie-monade episode and followed it with The Gruffalo.

I think the humor in Veggie Tales is really clever so I don't mind watching it with her. Gruffalo is so well animated and that little mouse is so naughty that it was sweet to watch with her.

She started to catch on to the whole, thou shall not lie and what not. She hasn't really changed though.

What is it about stories about liars that we love? We tell our kids not to lie and here I am riveted by these stories! Is it that we need someone to hate or love to hate? Do we like to see how they get caught?

There are three programs on Netflix that I'm watching right now and they involve a great deal of lying. Bloodline, Daredevil and Pretty Little Liars are addictively good viewing.

Bloodline is sexy and stars the gorgeous Kyle Chandler who's family secrets and scars are revealed when the big, bad older brother comes back to town. I'm only a few episodes in and it's haunting me.

What's a super hero with out super lies? Daredevil has some pretty amazing secrets and in this gritty new series, Daredevil stays true to the tone of the comic books and its pretty fantastic to watch the story unfold.  

I've started watching Pretty Little Liars and talk about a guilty pleasure! Can they stop A once and for all? And why can't Piper just blow up her husband?

Of course when I am done with those, Revenge is waiting to be watched. So much to watch and so little time!

My nine year old has even taken to this month's theme and has watched Spy School and Jessie's World Wide Web of Lies episode.

The Jessie episode allowed us to talk openly about online bullying and how easy it is to spread lies and Spy School addressed some of the issues that we have with the little one like how to believe her after she has lied.

I shared with my kid that when I was his age I wanted to be an international spy who went under cover as a Solid Gold dancer.

Sometimes, the truth hurts as much as the lies.

What are you watching?

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