Flu Season is Upon Us and #ReliefIsHere from @Walmart #sponsored - iNeed a Playdate Flu Season is Upon Us and #ReliefIsHere from @Walmart #sponsored iNeed a Playdate a Blog for Northeast Ohio Moms -->


Flu Season is Upon Us and #ReliefIsHere from @Walmart #sponsored

Flu Season is Upon Us and #ReliefIsHere from @Walmart

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It never fails, I get the flu every year.

I get the flu shot every year, and I still get the flu. I know you will say that it probably would have been w-a-y worse if I didn't get the flu shot and I may agree with you but I know, without  a doubt, that I will get the flu.

This time, I was prepared. I stopped at Wal-mart and picked up a box of DayQuil and a bottle of NyQuil as well as tissues, cough drops, and was glad I did not have to run all over town for what I needed for when I started feeling those all too familiar symptoms.

You can also stock up online at Walmart.com.

Flu Season is Upon Us and #ReliefIsHere from @Walmart and on sale

I don't have time to be sick, no one does. So when I started to feel achy, I threw the pack of DayQuil in my purse, packed the kid's lunches, made sure one was ready to walk, while heading off to take the other to the babysitter, and started the to do list in my head of what I need to feel better.

For me, it's DayQuil, water, hot tea, and lots of honey - in that order.

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I took the pills and got on with my day. By lunch my headache, nasal congestion, minor aches and pains were gone and I was starting to feel like myself.  I made it through the day but by the evening I was feverish and achy which is when I took a dose of NyQuil and went to bed. By morning, I was ready to start the day minus most of the symptoms.

No matter how careful I am, I am bound to get the flu but I can honestly say that I was symptom free by day two. Part of that was certainly the flu shot but I have to give credit for having DayQuil and NyQuil at the ready.

Flu Prevention
1. Vaccination. Everyone over the age of 6 months should get a flu vaccination every year. The vaccine may be a nose spray or shot. It’s not too late to get a flu vaccine this school year. 
2. Wash your hands. Hands should be washed frequently with soap and water or an alcohol hand rub. 
3. Cover your cough and sneeze. Everyone should cough or sneeze into a tissue or their sleeve. The tissue should be thrown away immediately and hands washed. 
4. Good health habits. Getting enough sleep, exercising, eating a healthy diet, drinking plenty of fluids and avoiding stress and people who are sick will help keep you and your family well this flu season.
Flu forecast

About Nyquil and DayQuil
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    Vicks DayQuil Severe Cold & Flu
    • Maximum symptom-fighting ingredients to relieve your worst cold and flu symptoms.
    • Maximum strength nondrowsy cold and flu relief so you can tackle your to-do list.
    • Available in caplets or liquid.

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