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How We Spent the Holiday Break (or My Love Affair Roku)

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I think I may be the only sad mom on Facebook to see her kids go back to school this week. It could be because it also means that it is time for me to go back to my day job. I thoroughly enjoyed laying around the house and binge watching Netflix.

Since the start of fall all the way to Christmas Eve, we have had plans every weekend. We wandered, explored, created, and enjoyed Northeast Ohio. From Halloween scares to the twinkling lights of Christmas trees and so much in between. When it was all done I can honestly say - I was pooped! The kids, too.

Once Christmas day hit, I tried very hard to not leave the house. One Sunday we headed over to the Botanical Gardens but too early, they don't open till noon on Sundays so we played with the helicopter the oldest got for Christmas, till it broke, and headed home. Sure, we could have hung out at the Art Museum until it the gardens opened, but...

We ventured out to the Children's Museum for the annual sand exhibit, but only because I had made plans a month before and my darling friend reminded me. I needed the push and the kids needed to get out. I was still pretty reluctant to go despite knowing it would be fun for all.

The oldest is nine and still loves to go and this is the first trip RD went and was able to explore on her own. She even attempted the climbing wall, where she made it to the top, stopped, cried, and held up the line until she finally overcame her fear that there was no slide to go down on the other side.

The staff cheered her on, the kids were patient while she worked up the courage, the kids behind her cheered her on, and her brother tried to guide her. As soon as she made it into the waiting arms of the best-staff-member-ever (whose duty was to insure the kids got on and off safely) she exclaimed, through tears, that she wanted to go home. That lasted all of the three seconds it took for me to pick her up and she was ready to climb again.

I was ready to go back to my couch, but I was so proud of her, we stayed longer.

What made it so easy to be homebodies? We finally broke down and bought a Roku - 2 Streaming Player. I have been wanting one for some time but just couldn't justify the expense. Now, I can't justify cable. Don't get me wrong, I won't be breaking completely but you better believe we'll be cutting back. I think I am in love.

This is not a sponsored post, I'm just so amazed at this little product! We are no longer huddled around our tablets watching Netflix and being able to listen to the TV through the remote has made homework time easier. Why? Because RD can watch without disrupting her older brother.

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We are also now the proud owners of the Roku - Streaming Stick Hdmi Version for the attic and I actually prefer this one to the box.

Do we watch a lot of TV? Yup and I am now caught up on a lot of TV shows that I missed out on as well as loved dearly for ages. Oh, and I did finish reading two books while on vacation (just so you don't think I am a total TV addict)

What is your favorite old show or movie to watch?

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