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A List of 40 Things to Do Before Turning 45

A List of 40 Things to Do Before Turning 45

Today, I turn 40.

Yep, the big 4-0!

This year has been challenging with some stress, a loss, a bit of anger and forgiveness, but also some really wonderful, beautiful things.

I am really okay with this whole forty thing. How can I not? I don't have the stresses of youth and the challenges of middle age come with a partner. Plus, I have kids and neither are in diapers so all in all I'd say life is really pretty okay. Not perfect, not great, but very, very - okay. I'm fine with that today.

This year will be better and I am looking forward to New Years. Challenges, changes, and all the other bits that make life interesting.
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I did not finish my list of things before I turn 40. I did 25, which is is a little more than half so there's that.

I'm going to try again. Yes, again, I am going to try and give myself a few more years.


1. Go to Vegas, again.

2. Get a payout from Google Ads.

3. Take yoga, again.

4. Get my passport.

5. Take a trip out of the country.

6. Keep a gratitude journal longer than four months.

7. Laugh more.

8. Toss out all the granny underwear I have acquired and buy pretty panties.

9. Send thank you notes

10. Forgive.

11. Send birthday cards.

12. Tailgate for a football game.

13. Go to a gun range.

14. Get a tattoo.

15. Go to a concert.

16. Empty the boxes in my basement.

17. Donate what the kids don’t use.

18. See a musical.

19. Go to the county and the state fair.

20. Buy a new bathing suit.

21. Swim in the ocean.

22. Plant a garden.

23. Take a class.

24. Go rock wall climbing.

25. Surprise my husband.

27. Work out 4 times a week, for longer than a month.

28. Watch all the classic Doctor Who on Netflix.

29. Ride a bigger roller coaster.

30. Spend a weekend alone with the husband, in a hotel room.

31. Update my resume. Not looking for another job, just being prepared.

32. Read forty books every year.

33. Have a family volunteer day.

34. Complete Candy Crush.

35. Be more creative.

36. Donate blood.

37. Send a message in a bottle.

38. Take a train.

39. Have a birthday party.

40. Lose 49 pounds.

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