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#BulletproofPicasso Won't Be Just a Memory to @Train Fans #sponsored #o2o

I was provided a digital, promotional copy of the album to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own and I was not paid to post this.  There are affiliate links in this post.

#BulletproofPicasso Won't Be Just a Memory to @Train Fans #sponsored #o2o

Train has been one of those bands from my youth that I fell in love with from the first note of  I Am to the last note on their first album.

Drops of Jupiter was my favorite song of their second album (like everybody on the planet) but I didn't love all of the songs, most, but not all.  In fact, it was not till Save Me, San Francisco that I would buy their album and not just individual songs.  I Got You was my favorite off that album and it is on my regular rotation of songs.

S-o-o-o...  When I was given a chance to hear their new album Bulletproof Picasso and receive a promotional advanced copy, I was pretty nervous.  I really dig Angel in Blue Jeans, but will the rest of the album be as good?

It is.  In fact, I have been listening to Bulletproof Picasso for about a week now and not sick of it.  I really like the flow from song to song and I haven't altered the list or created a new playlist to exclude songs from the album.  Not sure what my co-workers think of it but no one is telling me to turn it off either.

My favorite (today, it changes daily) is Just a Memory it opens like a James Brown tune and just gets better.  I am also a fan of Wonder What You are Doing for the Rest of Your Life, it just sounds like they are having a good time singing and it gets my toes a tappin.

Since it is back to school week, Don't Grow Up so Fast, has me getting a little weepy.  Doesn't help that baby girl will be starting preschool next week and she is already acting like a tween.

You can hear the heartache and hope in this album and I feel like I have grown with them as well.  It is the album I have been waiting for and I thought Save Me, San Francisco was it until now.

As a bonus, Train will be performing live on QVC on September 5th at 5:00 PM EST.  I am sure you are wondering why QVC because I sure was and it seems they sell wine!?! This is not part of the official post, but I checked it out and they sell their wine in my area and I plan on picking up a bottle to try this weekend.

While you are waiting you can pre-order Bulletproof Picasso from iTunes, Amazon, or QVC.

Do you have an all time favorite Train song?  

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