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4 More Books You May Have Missed Reading

4 More Books You May Have Missed Reading | @MryJhnsn iNeed a Playdate

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I am right on target to read 40 books by November and that is not good.  All year I have been ahead at least by four books and now... on target!  I may not make my goal of forty books by the time I turn forty in November.

I have read some really diverse and interesting books this past year and the four I have to share today are certainly diverse.

If you have read them I would love to hear your thoughts and if you have any suggestion on what to read next I would gratefully accept them.

The Glass Castle: A Memoir

The Glass Castle: A Memoir

The Glass Castle is the story of Jeannette Walls and how she went from nowhere to somewhere.  It is the story of how she and her siblings made a life despite their parents.  Calling them bad parents would not accurately describe them because their father, when sober, was a brilliant man who taught them about physics and embracing life and their mother shared her love of art with them.  That is where their good qualities end.  They were terrible human beings but Walls still captured her love for her parents despite their obvious failings.  These were two people who should not have had children, did, and those children lead an extraordinary life to become who they are today.

Jeannette Walls has a true gift of storytelling and her start in life is just heartbreaking but how she shared it, inspiring.



Set in nineteenth-century Venice, Inamorata is the story of talented, beautiful twins who are escaping a scandal to become enveloped into a whole other world that is more dangerous than the one they left and it centers around a beautiful courtesan with a deadly curse.  Told from several points of view, it was hard to truly invest in the story because every chapter was another point of view.  That said, I did enjoy the story and how it ended but can't help wonder if it would have been a better book if the story unfolded from a single point of view.

A Long Way Down

A Long Way Down

I did not like this book.  The description, four different people come together instead of jumping off a building on New Years Eve, was better than the book.  The movie trailer even seems better than the book but I somehow missed that the movie was released and is already available for download.

It was really difficult for me to sympathise or even like the characters and I should have considering their personal stories and their backgrounds.  I should have loved that in their depression they found a group and even had some fun with the story of how they meet in the media no less, but I didn't.

I am hoping the movie is better but I am not that pressed to see it.  I do love the actors so maybe...

The Witch and the Gentleman (The Witches Series Book 1)

The Witch and the Gentleman (The Witches Series Book 1)

This is just a fun read.  A real psychic, working at a psychic hotline; who solves a mystery.  This is either your kind of fun reading or not, but it is mine and book two is on my list to read next.

What is on your reading list?

Thank you

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