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Take That Rain! Cedar Point is Cool Family Fun #iheartcp

I am a Cedar Point Blogger and was provided tickets for this sponsored post.  Opinions are my own. I did not receive any monetary compensation.

Cedar Point is Cool Family Fun #iheartcp | @MryJhnsn

This summer has been crazy! And, every time I plan something to do with the kids that involves a road trip and fun it rained.  

Cedar Point #iheartcp | @MryJhnsn

Luckily we got a re-do for Cedar Point and the sky was a brilliant blue and it was cool enough that we were not melting.  In fact, there was a wonderful breeze coming off the lake.  This time of year is usually sweltering but thanks to our cooler weather it makes for the perfect conditions to spend the day at Cedar Point with the kids.  No one complains about the heat, I am not getting sun burned, and if you go during the week - the lines are shorter.

One of my favorite features is KidsTrack.  Check in with at Guest Services (or the Resort Gate, Park Operations or Town Hall) and if for some reason you get separated from your kid they call your cell phone. I remember going to Disney when I was little and my brother wandering off.  It was scary and this is just a little extra security.

Save time by measuring your kids at @CedarPoint's main gate #iheartcp

Another fun tip: get your kid measured when you arrive!  They give the kid a color coded wristband to wear that tells you with a quick glance if your kid can go on a ride. Three kids, all in different height categorizes, made for fast decisions on what can, and can not be ridden.  I wish they had this for adults and girth when it comes to some of these rides that kids need an adult to ride with them.

Camp Snoopy at Cedar Point | @MryJhnsn

We spent the majority of our time at Camp Snoopy and Planet Snoopy and the kids were never bored.

  • Planet Snoopy - The ultimate space for kids is Planet Snoopy. Our newest children’s area offers seven puppy-sized rides for your little ones. Fly into space with Snoopy, or see if you can beat the Kite Eating Tree. 
  • Kiddy Kingdom - When you see the colorful carousel, you’ll know you've arrived at Kiddy Kingdom. Fun rules here, with rides like 4 x 4 Trucks, Helicopters and many more!
  • Camp Snoopy - In the shadow of Top Thrill Dragster you’ll find the place where fun is here to stay. Camp Snoopy boasts seven exciting rides, featuring Woodstock Express, the kid-sized coaster that lets you capture the moment with an on-ride photo.
  • Gemini Midway Area - A hop, skip and a jump across the Midway from Camp Snoopy is the Gemini Midway Area. There kids have their choice of three children and family rides that give them a taste of the big kids’ thrills. It is home to our new rides: Pipe Scream and Lake Erie Eagles.

Kids at the museum in Cedar Point | @MryJhnsn

The husband and I did go on a few rides but only ones the kids could or would go on. They do have a great Parent Swap program. 
Here’s how it works: one parent waits in line to a coaster or other height-restricted ride. After riding, they give their Parent Swap pass to the ride operator, and the other parent/guardian, who’s been taking care of the little ones, can walk up the exit to get right on the ride.
You can get a pass when you sign up for KidsTrack.

The Matterhorn at Cedar Point | @MryJhnsn

We went to Joe Cool for lunch this visit and it was surprisingly really good!  I had a chili dog that was so big I ate half and the husband got the alfredo and the salad bar.  Needless to say, he was ready for a nap afterwards.  The older kids had chicken strips that were crispy without being burnt and baby girl went rogue with pizza sticks.  She balked at it at first but it was a hit with the whole table since there was way too much for her to eat on her own.  I admit that when we return, I will be getting them!

Joe Cool Cafe at Cedar Point | @MryJhnsn

Now, I am not one to buy souvenir cups and the kids know not to ask so imagine their surprise when they were presented with a huge Snoopy shaped cup.  On a side note: I will only fill it with water and the kids can't get enough since it is in a souvenir cup.

After lunch we were off to explore some more!

Camp Snoopy at @CedarPoint | iNeed Playdate

Frontier Town Jamboree Band at Cedar Point | @MryJhnsn

The day was long, fun, and yes it rained but we were prepared! We even had an old fashioned photo shoot.  We spent a lot a time in frontier town this time around and even though we did not get to take in a show we did enjoy the live music and the train ride.

iNeed a Playdate's Wild West Photo Shoot at @CedarPoint | @MryJhnsn

How do you spend the day at an amusement park?

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