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Red, White, and What Did She Say?

My sweet, baby girl also has a very mean side.  Before she could talk she cried, and once she could talk, well, let's just say her first foul mouth comment to get her in trouble was calling her brother a dumb-ass.  She was not sorry; she may have been justified.

Last Fourth of July, we took the kids downtown to see the Cleveland Orchestra's Star Spangled Extravaganza thing with fireworks.  It was already a long day for the then three year old so by the time the orchestra played and the last firework lit the sky she was down right exhausted.

Baby girl made it to the car but wanted to buckle her own seat belt which took five minutes on a good day so her dad did it for her and it sent her into a tizzy.

I parked in a parking garage and as I started to make the dissent to the street, the tears started falling.  "I wanted (sniff) to (sniff) do (sniff) it (sniff) myself!"

Her crying got louder as we went down because she expected us to stop, unbuckle, and let her do it.  We did not.  When the realization hit her that she was not going to get her way we heard a guttural cry followed by, "GET ME OUT OF THIS F$#%ING SEAT!!"

Needless to say, we did not stop for ice cream and we never corrected her.  She has not said it since.

Do you have a potty mouth kid?

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