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My Favorite Mommy Moment?

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I was asked recently by friend and fellow blogger, Laura from Thrifty in Pittsburgh, about my favorite mommy moment for a writing challenge. 

The more I thought about a mommy moment the more I came to realize that I don't have just one favorite mommy moment.  I don't like them all either but to pick just one is really hard.

There are moments that make me wonder why I am a parent.

Moments that send me to me knees.


Moments that take my breath away.

iNeed a Playdate quote

iNeed a Playdate quote

Moments that make me laugh till I hurt.

And, there are moments that make me so proud that words escape me

Not all moments are perfect, many are messy, and filled with doubt but all are my favorites.  I would not trade any of them.

What are some of your favorite mommy moments?

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