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Why Having an Affair is Not an Option

It dawned on me that I will never be able to have an affair and I laughed out loud.  Don't get me wrong, I am not looking for one.  I am perfectly happy and still very much in love with my husband but while I was getting dressed one morning it dawned on me, I no longer have panties that would allow for a scandalous, let alone a
s-p-o-n-t-a-n-e-o-u-s rendezvous.

I feel like I need to expand on the whole having an affair bit.  I do not feel the urge to do so but what if someone on my freebie list comes to town and bumps into me; overwhelmed with desire to bed me right then and there.  It could happen.  There are some big movies being filmed in Cleveland this summer.

Keeping in mind that my hypothetical scenario of a handsome, rich, and famous person would want to do the dirty with me - I wouldn't!  I couldn't!  I can't!  My pantie collection is now underwear and a few even have holes in them!  Holes!  Do I still wear them? Of course I do!

Somewhere along the line I stopped buying pretty, frilly, seductive items for everyday wear.

I think it is time for a shopping spree.

Well, when I meet my first weight loss goal.  Fingers Ankles crossed!

Who's on your freebie list?

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