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Second Sunday at the Cleveland Museum of Art

Family Friendly CMA

For Mother's Day this year I got to spend the day with my oldest, basking in art, light, and sunshine.

I have featured Cleveland's amazing museums a lot during the Northeast Ohio - #AtoZChallenge and the Art Museum is on my bucket list pretty regularly but I have not really shared what a day at the museum looks like to us, until today.

iNeed a Playdate at the Art Museum on Second Sunday

The Cleveland Museum of Art hosts a monthly series called Second Sundays for families. 

By the name you can guess that it takes place on the second Sunday of every month and they have special crafts, sometimes performances, and of course art work displayed based on a theme.  Last month the theme was "Tales from India."
Enjoy the rich traditions of stories and storytelling in India. Learn about Indian folklore in the galleries from members of the community. Enjoy a free performance by accomplished performer and teacher of Bharatanatyam, Sujatha Srinivasan. Take a picture with puppets that illustrate the romantic Indian folktale of Shakuntala. Make your own illuminated manuscript like the museum's Tuti-nama.
My son truly enjoys drawing and art so taking him to the museum is always a wonderful trip but being able to interact and ask questions of those who were helping out was amazing.  I must say that most of the volunteers are incredibly patient with not just the kids but with the parents.

Indian printmaking

Cleveland Museum of Art Second Sunday Fun

We happened to go later in the day so it was not as busy but we also missed the performers.  This is not why we go - we go for the crafts and to be with each other.  A benefit of going later is that the museum is not as crowded but you also run the risk of not having enough time or enough of the craft available.

I let my guy pick which of the three activities to do first and was not surprised that he went for the manuscript activity.  Manuscripts are written by hand and decorated, usually very ornately.

My kid is obsessed with the Titanic and has gotten pretty good at drawing various scenes he imagines would happen while the boat was sailing and sinking.  He decided to do a scene and while he drew I colored the framed edges in gold.  We spent the majority of our time doing this project and he did a stamp book project but by than they were cleaning up.  We spent a lot of time at manuscripts but it was worth it to color with him, talk to him, and just be.

We did have time to explore some of the museum but I think the best of our time is always spent outside in the sunshine.

Cleveland Museum of Art Second Sunday Fun

Cleveland Museum of Art Second Sunday Fun

Cleveland Museum of Art Second Sunday Fun

CMA front lawn

Word of warning: pack a lunch for the kids.  

The cafe they have is so not kid friendly, unless of course your youngster is a foodie willing to try new foods. Mine just wanted a hot dog and the Museum of Natural of History was kind enough to let us eat in their cafe. I must say, it was really good and cheap.

Cleveland Museum of Natural History
You can't tell but it is a dinosaur finger puppet

The guys working the grill were wonderfully nice as were the folks that let us in to just eat.  I sure hope they don't get in trouble because it really is the best kid friendly place to eat.  I suggested we stay but he really wanted to go back to the art museum and he wants to bring his sister back to see the Natural History Museum later.

Second Sunday is this weekend and the theme is

Slide into Summer Join the CMA's summer fun! Celebrate the beginning of summer by making paper picnic baskets, or create a sailboat to launch in the museum's lagoon!

Hope to see you there!

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