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5 Bloggers You Shouldn't Miss

I have been very blessed to be teamed with a group of wonderful ladies through SITS Girls Find a Tribe.

The idea of a tribe is to provide support and be supportive and these ladies are amazing.  I will eventually share all of the wonderful blogs that our in our tribe but for today here are my first five.

The World as I See It

Touching, sweet, full of honesty and heart. If you are looking for a good book or an inspiring story this is a wonderful blog to check out.  Adoption Thoughts: Healing brought tears to my eyes.  Her love for her child was so wonderfully pure that she let them go to have a life she could not offer.  I just adore this woman.

Earl Leigh Designs

More than just designs, mom, designer, sewer, and my latest inspiration to shed weight. Her posts are thoughtful and full of life.  I am not as dedicated but this sure kicked me into gear - 12 Week Transformation Challenge {Mission Complete} 

Mrs. Karle's Sight and Sound Reading

Baby Girl will be starting preschool pretty soon but you better believe she will be starting with Mrs. Karle. The blog has wonderful printables and advice to accompany the reading program and this is all run by the amazing daughter of Mrs. Karle who just welcomed their latest family member into the world!  Since Father's Day is around the corner I suggest - Free Father’s Day Worksheets for Beginning Readers

Ready, Set, Parenthood

Written by a mom of a toddler, wife to a dreamy husband (who's living with a brain tumor) and a school teacher she is one tough cookie. Exploring parenthood and living life to the fullest seems to be this family's real full time job. If you were not already aware of this phenomenon please read 5 Ways Toddlers are Like Zombies.

Life the Way Amber View's It

Working in customer service, Amber blogs about life and the quirks that come with working with the public and keeping a smile on your face. Check out her post on 6 Things That Amuse Me About My Job.

I hope you take a minute to check them out and like them on Facebook.  And, if you are looking for a tribe check us out.

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