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Why My Bathroom Needed a New Scale and How to @BecomeGurus

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When I put together my list of things to do before I turned 40 years old, I was in a great place.  I was happy and for the most part healthy, but I knew I need to get myself together weight wise.  I am considered obese and surgery is not covered in my insurance plan.  I made a small goal of thirty-nine pounds.

That was in November.

Fast forward and life, like it so often does sent me some serious curve balls and my healthy commitment took a nose dive.

Two weeks ago I got out of bed more determined than ever to stick to a healthier way of life and it all started with an infomercial.

Okay, maybe not only because of an infomercial but there is nothing like waking up on Sunday morning to an overly excited, extremely ripped guy making you feel like YOU to can have the body you have always wanted.

That's what I get when we fall asleep with the TV on.  It is also why we have a pocket hose, magic mesh, and why I use bare minerals.

Let me just say - this workout program is hard.  It is so very, very h-a-r-d but thankfully there is someone doing the modified version so I can keep up.  Yep, two weeks and I can say that I don't want to throw up after doing it anymore and I've lost six pounds.

Well, six pounds since I started using a scale that works.  My old bathroom scale was on its last leg when I started this endeavor.  Now, my scale is driving me to succeed and not just the guy on the workout video.  I am not saying that the number on the scale is everything but seeing what I lost is a big bonus!

The scale I have been using is Weight Gurus Smartphone Connected Digital Bathroom Scale with Large Backlit LCD and Weightless Technology in black.  It is a seriously pretty scale and when you step on it is greets you with Hello.

How can you not want to get on the scale that greets you?

Before stepping on the scale, I downloaded the app to my phone and set up an account.  The app seemed fairly simple and easy to use.  It will track your weigh-ins and if your scale is the body fat, muscle mass, water weight and bone mass scale it tracks that, too.  Mine is the no frills scale and I am fine with that, I don't need the extra to obsess over just yet.

I stepped on the scale and programed myself in there.  Stepped on it again and scanned the funny looking screen that came up after my weight and would you believe - it recorded my weight accurately.  I then set the scale to show me what I lost and since it was the first time, well, it was on zero.

A week later I stepped on it and I was already down four!  I have so much more to go but I am on the right track.

I didn't program the husband into the scale because he could care less and he won't use the app, but he uses the scale and the kids have used it, but when I step on the scale I see only what I have lost or gained.

I can use the touch screen to go between actual weight and amount lost (or gained) but to be honest, it was not that easy at first but I got the hang of it.  There are no actually buttons so it is hard to tell if I am doing anything until it changes. I keep pressing the little arrow until I get the actual weight number and keep pressing it until the number of pounds loss come up.  For the most part, I just step on it and get a little rush when the negative is still there.

As for the app, I think my phone may be too old for it.  My kid deleted it when she was playing with my phone and when I re-downloaded it I have not been able to log into the account I created.  I keep getting wrong password error and when I request a password it gives me another error.  I really do think it is my phone and not the app.  I also would probably not use the app since I use fatsecret.com to record everything so the app would just be a redounded step.  Now, if the company teamed up with my favorite diet site I would probably buy a new phone.

All in all I am very happy with this scale and would highly recommend it for the money.  I will also be giving one a way starting June 5th as part of a get healthy with me prize pack!

Are you scale kinda person, a strictly by the measurements individual, or a little of both?

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