There's No Party Like a #GoGurtParty for the Kid's Choice Awards {printables}

In case you don't watch Nickelodeon or can tune out the constant commercials (which I must admit are pretty funny) the Kid's Choice Awards are this weekend!

As it happens, the iNeed a Playdate household will be playing host to a Go-GURT® & Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards House Party from House Party! The fine folks sent me (and whole bunch of other families) a party kit plus cash to get Go-GURT!

Not only are we a Nick watching family we are also a yoplait  family so this was a perfect match. As a bonus, for me anyway, Mark Wahlberg is hosting. Sure he is no Josh Duhamel but I can live with this choice.

I have never hosted a viewing party before so this should be interesting.  The kit we got contains a lot of fun things to help with the party including awards to hand out, recipes to indulge in, a backdrop for our own orange carpet and some other fun stuff.  The best part - much of it is available on-line or easy to reproduce!

Check out these awesome recipe pins...!

And, I would like to share some of the fun with you with these free printable games and a ballot!

And if you are like me and needed a cheat sheet of who's who (all though I think I did okay this year)...

The Party Pics