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Why @DisneyLive is Better Than a Magic Carpet Ride

Disclosure: We received tickets to attend this event in order to facilitate this post.  
This is not a paid post. Opinions are my own.

The family went to see Disney Live! Mickey's Music Festival on Sunday and the kids had a blast!  I was a little worried that my eight year old would not have fun but even he was singing along with some of his favorite Disney tunes.  Baby girl on the other hand could hardly contain her excitement and she was so upset when it ended she cried all the way to the car declaring that she must stay to see the second showing.

This is the first time taking the kids to a concert for kids.  Sure, Baby Girl has been to Lilith Fair but that hardly counts as a concert meant for kids.  I am not sure why we have not taken the kids to something like this before but this production made me feel like I was at a rock concert and hearing baby girl shout, "I LOVE YOU MICKEY!!!" at the top of her lungs makes me think we should go again.

I know that nothing would really beat a flying carpet ride but since we will more then likely go again then actually take a magic carpet ride here is my list of:

Reasons Disney Live! Mickey's Music Festival is Better Than a Magic Carpet Ride

The costumes

Sure the costumes on stage were pretty fantastic and lifelike but where else can you wear your princess costume and not have people stop to ask why.

The music

The music was fun and the Husband and I giggled over some of the song choices.   The kids could not stay in their seats!  Even songs Baby Girl did not know she still sang, in her own words.

The production

I'm not saying that I am crossing anything off my list as far as a concert or musical but for a kids show, the production was great.  Interactive, amusing, and addictive enthusiasm!

Fun for all

We all had a great time and even I felt like a princess with my Mickey ears.

For additional dates around the country check out their website. This won't last much longer!

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