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When a Three Year Old Pranks

This has been a busy month! Between fall road trips and Halloween parties and bowling and ballet the kids (and I) have been going nonstop. It is exhausting but it has been fun.

In the midst of all of the fun the kids get goofy and baby girl has begun a pranking phase. 

Of course her idea of pranking is usually at my expense and always includes hiding something of mine. Sometimes I find it and sometimes I don’t and usually I can just laugh it off except when she takes my glasses.

I cannot see without my glasses. I really can’t see at all without them so when she takes them while I am in the shower I am absolutely lost without them. It is maddening.

When I reached for my glasses, as I got out of the shower the other morning, and found them missing I yelled down to her. This also happens to be one of the few mornings she got up and went downstairs all on her own so I should have known that she was up to no good.

Anyway, when the glasses came up missing I yelled down to her and she did not answer so I threw a towel around me and ran downstairs. Since I can’t see, I have to lean in close to see her eyes to know if she took them or if I flaked and misplaced them. I am irked and frantic so she shut down and buried her face in the chair.

I was so mad. And I could not see. And she shut down!

I sent the third grader to my car to get my spare pair and I took something of hers to hold until she gave me back my glasses. That is logical, right? Take something of mine; I take something of yours.

What I took happens to be a dollar I gave her that she has been hiding in the stuffie grandma got her. She did not know I knew it was there muhahaha.

Baby girl gave me back my glasses and she got her dollar back.

But, as I was getting ready to leave for work I noticed my bag was heavier than usual and her sweet little eyes were looking up at me over the table. I opened my bag to find the pumpkin she painted on one of excursions. Before I could even ask she batted her eyelashes and told me it was so I could think of her while at work.

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