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@BloggerIdol News: Art Thief Comes Home

CLEVELAND, Oct. 8, 2013 /BloggerIdol/ -- Renowned art thief, The Grand Empress Guinevere of the Night, was last seen in the City of Cleveland late last week. Sources close to thief claim to have been in recent contact with the burglar ever since she absconded from the Museum of the Nation in Peru with a priceless artifact. This has been verified by local travel agents returning to our area from a corporate retreat in Lima, with newspapers.

Dior & More – For the Love of Fashion
Experts disagree that it is in fact the Grand Empress Guinevere of the Night in Cleveland but everyone is hopeful that if it is, she will be caught before she tries to relieve the Western Reserve Historical Society, a sponsor of this blog, of the American Beauty red haute couture ball gown and the stole which was designed by Bob Bugnand from its collection this month. Of course, if you believe that she is actually doing the work the police have failed to do then you may be ecstatic to see her in our fair city.

The Grand Empress Guinevere of the Night, who also goes by MJ, is not known for high fashion robberies and no one is certain that this is the item she will go after but authorities believe that she leaves clues at her crime scenes to indicate where she will go next.

 She was last suspected of taking a priceless Anthropomorphic Vase and leaving a brochure to the Dior & More – For the Love of Fashion exhibit that is currently at the Western Reserve Historical Society.

Anthropomorphic Vase
Local experts speculate that the Grand Empress Guinevere of the Night is actually coming home and she is a lifelong Cleveland resident. Of course it is more likely that MJ (or the Grand Empress Guinevere of the Night) is actually from the suburbs. There is no evidence to indicate either is true, just wishful thinking of the conspiracy theorists that agreed to be interviewed.

Grand Empress Guinevere of the Night is seen by some to be a modern day Robin Hood, stealing from the rich who stole the artwork that should be shared with the public but others see her as a danger to society and a threat to the art world. Regardless of which camp your opinion falls her methods seem to have the results that she intended and out smarted the police who have been chasing the trail of stolen art work.

Authorities are asking for any information leading to the capture of Grand Empress Guinevere of the Night. My editors would like to remind you that I write fiction and I am a judge in Blogger Idol who is hosting a play along weekly link up.

Write a newspaper article about a fictional crime you have committed. Guidelines: You must include at least 2 images, and the post must be between 500-750 words. It must also be written in third person.

Thank you

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