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Catalog Envy: A Living Room to Live In

Up until a week ago I have been very much against home ownership.  I think, for some, it is fine and for others, not so much.  I like the idea of calling someone to fix what needs to be fixed and I like not worrying about property taxes and the such but over the last week or so the Husband and I have been discussing buying.

Yep, buying.

I need a minute.


Yup, I think we are ready to own.

While this discussion is starting, I am distracting my self with imagining redecorating my living room.

My living room is an odd shaped rectangular room with the front door right dab in the middle so arranging the furniture has been a challenge.  Of course, thanks to pinterest - I now have some new ideas to work with for rearranging the furniture and a whole new "if only" board.

It dawned on me, thanks to the pin above, that I can have a sitting area! I have no idea why this never occurred to me before but I plan on rearranging my living room next.

I have always wanted one of these. I hate the idea of a traditional coffee table but this, this is furniture.

I have a decorative tin thingy now that holds the kid's toys that are in the living room but this I can push around (or out of the way) while collecting the toys.

Changing the lighting and a new way to hang the family photos is a great way to freshen a room but at the end of the day I just want a room we can live in and call our own, renting or otherwise.

Do you have a case of catalog envy?

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