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In a Red Hot Second

Seems like it was just a red hot second ago that I was single, working for a night club and living alone. 

Of course it wasn't a red hot second ago. In fact, it has been about twelve years and several job changes since that time in my life. Also in that red hot second I have (in no particular order) had two babies, gotten married, left bars and restaurants behind (working and otherwise), joined the PTA, and started a blog.

Amazing how that red hot second differs from the normal, everyday run of the mill second that accurately keeps track of seconds and days.

346,896,000 seconds ago is how long ago I got a proper day job with benefits. 252,288,000 seconds ago I gave birth to my first born and 157,680,000 seconds later he got a sister. It seems like just 630,720,000 seconds ago that I graduated from high school.

It has been 599,184,000 seconds since I first met the Husband, where we worked together for 94,608,000 seconds. He was 21 but I thought he was at least 28 years old. He still looks 28 to me today. Of course it took us 409,968,000 to walk down the aisle and seemingly endless seconds before he actually asked me.

I know what it is like when time stands still waiting to hear words you don’t want to hear and I know how fast time goes when you wish you could stop to take in every detail. In a red hot second the world as you know it changes to the unrecognizable. It is what was and what will never be again. Faith can be lost and restored, walls put up and taken down but for some reason, in a red hot second, the laws of time are irrelevant.

What does a red hot second look like to you?
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