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Because You Want to Make Stuffed Cookie Cupcakes

How to make Stuffed Cookie Cupcakes | @mryjhnsn

For my son's first communion, I made well over 100 cupcakes and several different kinds. I made a plain vanilla, a Kit Kat* one, a dark chocolate one, a half and half one, an Oreo* one and some others that I don't remember.

The one that I was looking most forward to was the Oreo cookie cupcakes. This recipe is all over Pinterest and I'll be damned if I was not going to attempt to make it as well, it looks so easy!

Split an Oreo in half, carefully, put the Oreo half with the cream in the bottom of the cupcake wrapper, crush a bunch of Oreos and mix in vanilla cupcake batter and spoon on top of the half of the Oreo, bake, frost and decorate with the top of the Oreo cookie in the frosting. Easy, right?

After making about 75 cupcakes, I was starting to get tired and when it came time to make the Oreo cookie cupcakes, I forgot to add butter! Forgot. to. add. butter!

Luckily, they turned out fine and no one knew but me but of course I wanted to make them again. The opportunity came when my son wanted chocolate cake for his birthday. Since we were not going to be home for the birthday party I really did not want to make a cake and I asked him if he wanted the Oreo cupcakes instead; of course he said yes!

Stuffed Cookie Cupcakes starting with cream cookie half on the bottom of the cupcake holder.

The cupcake mix is pretty basic and I adapted** it from one I found on Pinterest.

1 boxed cake mix
1 cup water
1/2 cup butter melted butter
3 large eggs
Bake 350 degrees for 19 minutes

**I was out of butter so I used butter flavored Crisco* and it made 18 cupcakes. The batter is very thick!

Stuffed Cookie Cupcakes before baking

For the frosting I thought the Cool Whip frosting* would be close to the cream filling in Oreos and it was easy to pipe it onto the tops of the cupcakes when they cooled.

Our local Giant Eagle* sold me two cupcake holders from the bakery department for $.30 and I put the cupcakes in the container before I frosted them. Once they were frosted I stuck the tops of the Oreos into the top of the cupcakes, deep into the frosting and off to the party we went.

Since the Cool Whip frosting is essentially just flavored whipped cream I advise that you keep them refrigerated up until you have to eat them.

Getting ready to frost Stuffed Cookie Cupcakes

Baby girl wanted to help with the cupcakes and she did a fantastic job putting the liners in the tin, splitting the Oreos in half and putting them in the cupcake holders. Such an easy way to get her involved in big brother’s birthday that was not terribly messy. She even went to the party in the dress she was helping me bake in because she did not get messy. This rarely happens when cooking together.

Little helper pulling apart cookies for cupcakes.

Why call them "Stuffed Cookie" cupcakes?  Because the cookie is stuffed with a cupcake!

Inside a Stuffed Cookie Cupcake

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