Unexpected Surprises Courtesy of the National Senior Games (@SeniorGames1) in #CLE - iNeed a Playdate Unexpected Surprises Courtesy of the National Senior Games (@SeniorGames1) in #CLE iNeed a Playdate a Blog for Northeast Ohio Moms


Unexpected Surprises Courtesy of the National Senior Games (@SeniorGames1) in #CLE

When it was announced that there would be a medical mart in Cleveland I really didn't give it much thought. In fact, I am not really sure I was even working downtown when it was first announced so I really did not care if it happened or not.

the flame for the Senior Games (which will stay)

When the cost and timeline was debated in the papers and on the local news I honestly rolled my eyes because I just wanted to see the weather report.

they greeted us as we entered the festival

When it was under construction I was annoyed because it inconvenienced me. When it was finished, I was relived and slightly curious.

enjoying a break on the grass

This past weekend was the start of the first convention - the National Senior Games.  It was also the first real opportunity to explore the Cleveland Convention Center as it was meant to be with a convention. 

Admittedly, I had other motives for going and never made it inside but over the next two weeks there will be plenty of opportunities to do so since the games will be going on and there are events scheduled and opened to the public
Rusted Root!

Now, if this was 1995 and you would have told me that in 2013 I would be seeing Rusted Root at the National Senior Games with my two kids and that guy I occasionally worked with and is now my husband I would have choked on my clove cigarette. So, when I found out Rusted Root was playing the opening night of the National Senior Games and it was free, all of a sudden I cared about the medical mart and I took those kids and that guy to go hear them play.

Speaking of 1995 I was still nursing a crush I had and take a look at who we ran into…

Me and Gene Simmons (aka the art dude from my first job)
The building itself has this brilliant design. It is built, for the most part below ground and the roof slopes but is also this amazing grassy hill which flattens in an open grassy area. The convention center goes below Lakeside Avenue and above is Mall C, also a grassy area. It truly is a wonderful space and worth all of the (minor) inconveniences. I can say this now.

LasikPlus gave away free ice cream

The opening ceremony ended with the lighting of the torch and fireworks, but in the true spirit of Cleveland weather the heavens opened and it poured. So, we left. Sure it lasted only a few minutes but we came to hear the band so I was good. Besides, Malley’s was beckoning us.

Yes, the kids ate popsicles first and we went after 6

The next morning I started digging to see if there was more and low and behold there is and you would not believe all of the fun (and free) events that they have planned! The complete list is here and it runs all day, every day for the next two weeks. All free and open to the public and that is on top of actually watching the senior games (that list is here).

the view looking up the slope, us at the top and the the view from the bottom looking south

If you are planning a trip to CLE the Convention Center should be on your list of things to see, even if there isn’t a convention going on.

Any surprises this summer that you would like to share?

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